Rainy days equal 'Safety' Days

Safety is always the most important aspect of our industry. You can have the newest trucks, the biggest chainsaws and even the most employees. But without the skills and knowledge you obtain from from constantly learning what you actually have is a accident waiting to happen. Every day we use powerful chainsaws, crane gigantic limbs from 70' up in the air and run branches through a extremely powerful wood chipper. It is a dangerous profession and that is why everyone at Rayzors Edge Tree Service undergoes extensive training in every aspect of the job.

Today's certification was for the Aerial Lift, knowing it's limits and knowing the safest way to enter a tree to precisely dismantle each limb one by one is just one aspect of the job. Becoming Connecticut's premier source for Tree Removal and Tree Health Management means staying a step ahead of our competitors. Promoting safety and efficiency is just one of the things to maintain our place as the top company for Tree Removal services. Call us today for a FREE Tree Risk Analysis or for a free estimate regarding the health of the trees on your property.  203.258.5584