You may have seen us....

You may have seen our signs in front of a property we have treated for ticks, or maybe removed a 75' Oak Tree that precariously towered above, you may have seen one of our many trucks in our expanding fleet moving through town. 

But what you may not have seen was the meeting we had that morning or the laugh we shared before leaving our shop that day. You may not have seen the extra time we spent to check all of the equipment, checking the lights on each trailer and on each truck, sharpening each chain and fueling each saw. But what you most certainly did see, was a crew ready to work safely and efficiently. We take the time to survey your property and plan how we will remove the tree, where to position the trucks to minimize any damage that can be done to your lawn or any plantings below.

All too often you hear of tragedies in the news, a brief moment of carelessness causes someone their life. Taking the time to have a plan, the safety training to prevent an accident and the know how to safely remove even the most dangerous tree means that you won't have to worry or stress when you hire Rayzors Edge Tree Service. You will know the job will be done efficiently, affordably, but most importantly.. safely. 

So sit back, relax, and let Rayzors Edge Tree Service handle your next outdoor project. Call us today for a free estimate 203-258-5584 

Just a reminder..

Just a reminder that mother nature can strike at any time and cause unimaginable damage to your home and even injure you or your family. Don't take the risk of letting that tree that's been looming over your house go for another year. We offer free estimates and can assess your entire property to make sure you're not in danger of a large limb or even an entire tree causing serious damage. This customer was lucky, they were sitting in their living room when this behemoth decided to come in. A few more feet or even inches and they wouldn't have been as fortunate.


Tree Removal in Easton CT

Tree removal Easton CT

Tree removal Easton CT

Today we had a customer who originally called about a different tree that had split. They had not noticed this widow maker 70 feet up. The tulip tree that it broke out of needed to be removed as well. Having the correct equipment makes a job like this much easier. The limb was safely removed and tree was taken down in about 25 min. Safety and efficiency!