You may have seen us....

You may have seen our signs in front of a property we have treated for ticks, or maybe removed a 75' Oak Tree that precariously towered above, you may have seen one of our many trucks in our expanding fleet moving through town. 

But what you may not have seen was the meeting we had that morning or the laugh we shared before leaving our shop that day. You may not have seen the extra time we spent to check all of the equipment, checking the lights on each trailer and on each truck, sharpening each chain and fueling each saw. But what you most certainly did see, was a crew ready to work safely and efficiently. We take the time to survey your property and plan how we will remove the tree, where to position the trucks to minimize any damage that can be done to your lawn or any plantings below.

All too often you hear of tragedies in the news, a brief moment of carelessness causes someone their life. Taking the time to have a plan, the safety training to prevent an accident and the know how to safely remove even the most dangerous tree means that you won't have to worry or stress when you hire Rayzors Edge Tree Service. You will know the job will be done efficiently, affordably, but most importantly.. safely. 

So sit back, relax, and let Rayzors Edge Tree Service handle your next outdoor project. Call us today for a free estimate 203-258-5584 

Getting things started

Tree Removal Easton CT

Tree Removal Easton CT

This has been a long winter and it doesn't seem to end.  We have been out and about working but not in full force.  Some outfits go out even in bad weather conditions.  We choose to maintenance equipment or keep up on learning new techniques.  Here's a tree we removed in Easton CT that we did this week,  which was a beautiful day! What a feeling to be working in warmer weather again.   The crew is really looking forward to the season. 

Tree Removal in Easton CT

Tree removal Easton CT

Tree removal Easton CT

Today we had a customer who originally called about a different tree that had split. They had not noticed this widow maker 70 feet up. The tulip tree that it broke out of needed to be removed as well. Having the correct equipment makes a job like this much easier. The limb was safely removed and tree was taken down in about 25 min. Safety and efficiency!

Do you work through the Winter?

Yes, we work through the winter. Just like the other times of the year, we are at the mercy of the weather. We work when it's safe enough. This means that it needs to be above freezing and no snow in the trees, unless it is an emergency. Sometimes, working in the winter is better. The ground is frozen and there are no leaves on the trees, which means less material when we are chipping the brush. Regardless of the season, call us for a free quote!

This is an example of a tree removal we did in the winter season.

Will my lawn get destroyed by your equipment or by removing the tree?

No. We use ground protection called Alturnamats (look at picture below). These "mats" are specifically designed for heavy trucks and equipment. Our equipment will NOT leave any ruts in your lawn. As far as the tree itself, there will be little to no lawn damage. We use ropes and pulleys to lower branches and wood safely.  I say little because once we get to the base of the tree trunk and we have to push pieces off, some impressions will be made from the weight. We will rake these impressions out. We pride ourselves in leaving your property in the same condition as it was before we started.

Dangerous Job But Someone Has To Do It

According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, loggers/tree work was named one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation last year. It is a dangerous job for obvious reasons, but there are additional hazards like hidden limbs and broken tops of trees that can’t be seen. Poorly maintained equipment can cause unexpected accidents as can outdoor elements and other variables.

Putting it simply, ONLY HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!

When it comes to hiring someone to complete tree work on your property, the lowest price isn’t always going to mean you’ll get the safest and cleanest job. If you are trying to choose a tree company for service at your home or business, you should consider the company’s safety gear, their level of experience, whether they have proper working insurance and their work history/reputation.

Rayzor’s Edge Tree Removal performs even the most challenging tree removals throughout Connecticut with safety as our first priority. We serve residential and commercial clients in Fairfield and New Haven Counties with professionalism and quality.