You may have seen us....

You may have seen our signs in front of a property we have treated for ticks, or maybe removed a 75' Oak Tree that precariously towered above, you may have seen one of our many trucks in our expanding fleet moving through town. 

But what you may not have seen was the meeting we had that morning or the laugh we shared before leaving our shop that day. You may not have seen the extra time we spent to check all of the equipment, checking the lights on each trailer and on each truck, sharpening each chain and fueling each saw. But what you most certainly did see, was a crew ready to work safely and efficiently. We take the time to survey your property and plan how we will remove the tree, where to position the trucks to minimize any damage that can be done to your lawn or any plantings below.

All too often you hear of tragedies in the news, a brief moment of carelessness causes someone their life. Taking the time to have a plan, the safety training to prevent an accident and the know how to safely remove even the most dangerous tree means that you won't have to worry or stress when you hire Rayzors Edge Tree Service. You will know the job will be done efficiently, affordably, but most importantly.. safely. 

So sit back, relax, and let Rayzors Edge Tree Service handle your next outdoor project. Call us today for a free estimate 203-258-5584 

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Pruning the trees on your property not only adds to the aesthetics of your property but also promotes healthy new growth of the tree. But there are mistakes you can make that can do more bad than good. 

Always make sure to prune in the right season. Pruning healthy growth should  be done in the fall and winter. While cutting away dead limbs and unhealthy branches can be done any time to help promote new healthy growth throughout the tree. 

Never cut too much, you can't add those branches back after they're taken off! Always take a step back and look after making a few cuts to make sure the tree is symmetrical and still looks aesthetically pleasing. Cutting away too many lower branches may result in your beautiful tree looking more like a stalk of broccoli. Also make sure to never cut too close to the trunk as that is a major cause for premature tree death and disease in otherwise healthy trees. 

Ready to prune some trees on your property but not sure you want to take it into your own hands? Then call us for a free estimate for your tree removal and pruning needs. 203.258.5584


More Rain? More training!

Another rainy day has kept us out of the trees and back on the ground. But we're not going to let that stop us from taking another step in becoming a SAFE, efficient and affordable tree removal company. Todays safety class? Aerial Lift Rescue, knowing what to do during an emergency when you're 75' in the air is a necessity. What's just as important is everyone on the ground what to do if the need arises. Call us today for a FREE Tree Risk Analysis 203.258.5584

Are your trees safe?

Are the trees that tower over your home safe? Are they in danger of falling during the next wind storm or maybe the next blizzard that blankets the state? 

Fortunately this customer called Rayzors Edge Tree Service for their FREE Tree Risk Analysis and we were able to diagnose a few trees on their property that were succumbing to disease. More importantly we were able to show them that this tree should be taken down immediately due to this hollow rotten trunk. This tree had the potential to do some serious damage, but luckily with our safe, efficient and clean tree removal services the only thing this tree will be doing is providing someone with mulch for their landscape beds. 


Call us today for your complimentary Tree Risk Analysis or for a FREE Estimate to remove troublesome trees on your property. 203.258.5584 

Rainy days equal 'Safety' Days

Safety is always the most important aspect of our industry. You can have the newest trucks, the biggest chainsaws and even the most employees. But without the skills and knowledge you obtain from from constantly learning what you actually have is a accident waiting to happen. Every day we use powerful chainsaws, crane gigantic limbs from 70' up in the air and run branches through a extremely powerful wood chipper. It is a dangerous profession and that is why everyone at Rayzors Edge Tree Service undergoes extensive training in every aspect of the job.

Today's certification was for the Aerial Lift, knowing it's limits and knowing the safest way to enter a tree to precisely dismantle each limb one by one is just one aspect of the job. Becoming Connecticut's premier source for Tree Removal and Tree Health Management means staying a step ahead of our competitors. Promoting safety and efficiency is just one of the things to maintain our place as the top company for Tree Removal services. Call us today for a FREE Tree Risk Analysis or for a free estimate regarding the health of the trees on your property.  203.258.5584 

Just a reminder..

Just a reminder that mother nature can strike at any time and cause unimaginable damage to your home and even injure you or your family. Don't take the risk of letting that tree that's been looming over your house go for another year. We offer free estimates and can assess your entire property to make sure you're not in danger of a large limb or even an entire tree causing serious damage. This customer was lucky, they were sitting in their living room when this behemoth decided to come in. A few more feet or even inches and they wouldn't have been as fortunate.


Getting things started

Tree Removal Easton CT

Tree Removal Easton CT

This has been a long winter and it doesn't seem to end.  We have been out and about working but not in full force.  Some outfits go out even in bad weather conditions.  We choose to maintenance equipment or keep up on learning new techniques.  Here's a tree we removed in Easton CT that we did this week,  which was a beautiful day! What a feeling to be working in warmer weather again.   The crew is really looking forward to the season. 

Battle of the Century!

Air dried firewood

Air dried firewood

Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln Dried Firewood

So my girlfriend and I rented a beautiful house with a bunch of friends in Willington, Vermont this past weekend. We booked a day at the mountain to go skiing.  Conditions couldn't be better!  It was also perfect for a throwdown. The contestants were; in the blue corner,  air dried wood, which was purchased in the spring by the owner of the house. In the red corner,  a young and hungry to heat, kiln dried wood. There was no match for air dried.  Kiln dried was unbelievably easy to light,  burned hotter, and overall looked nicer as it burned and when it was stacked next to the fireplace.  See for yourself.


10 Reasons To Heat With Firewood

10 Good Reasons To Heat With Wood

1.It's a renewable energy resource

Renewable means you don't run out. Renewable means you don't deplete the earth's resources. Wood is energy from the sun, stored by the tree as it grows. When you burn wood you are releasing this stored energy. In the dark of winter, it's like having a bit of summer sun on your hearth.

2.No global warming

When fuels burn they release carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. Burning fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas is like pumping carbon dioxide from the centre of the earth into the atmosphere – a one-way trip. Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow. When wood burns, the carbon dioxide is released, only to be absorbed again by young trees. Because trees recycle carbon dioxide, woodburning just warms you, not the globe.

3.You're in charge

Stop writing checks every month to the energy utilities. Take control by heating with wood. In our climate, staying warm is right up there on the list of the most important things in life. Do you really want to leave something so important in the hands of a faceless corporation?

4.No more freezing in the dark

The big, centralized energy sources are not very reliable. When a storm interrupts the electrical supply, all the conventional heating systems are useless; the fancy heat pump falls silent, the gas furnace can't work. But the wood stove or fireplace keeps you warm and cozy and safe. Now a power failure is kind of fun; you get to use the candles.

5.Warms you like no other

The radiant heat from a stove or fireplace is like the rays of the sun. It warms you through and through. Come in from the storm and stand near the fire rubbing your hands together. It's one of life's small pleasures.

6.The romance of the flame

Sure it's a cliché, but that doesn't make it any less true. The soft glow of the fire is the favourite setting for an intimate conversation. It's the place where friends and family gather to talk and laugh in comfort. Gazing into the fire, your imagination is free to soar on flights of fancy or probe the depths of the soul. Take a break from the harsh world outside – you'll find solace there in the flames.

7.Raise your energy I.Q.

Flick the switch, turn up the thermostat. Now, what did that cost? What impact did it have on the natural world? What sins were committed in getting that energy to you? You're in touch when you heat with wood. That arm load will last the day. That log you placed on the fire is a tangible measure of the cost to the environment of keeping your family warm. It's the wood heat way of knowledge.

8.Heat a space, save some energy

Well-planned space heating saves energy. That stove or fireplace in the living room keeps you warm and cozy in the place you spend your time. The basement and bedrooms stay cool. Regardless of what you pay for energy, space heating with wood clips 25% right off the top.

9.Invest in your community

Spend a buck on oil, natural gas or electricity and you feed a corporate giant. Spend a buck on firewood and you feed a neighbor. Save a buck by heating with wood and you can spend that buck in your community. Heating with wood makes you richer in ways beyond counting.

10.It's cheaper!

We almost forgot to mention it. Wood is the cheapest heating fuel you can use if you don't live in a large city. Some people actually think the only reason we heat with wood is to save money. Poor souls, they miss so much of what is good in life.

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Now offering kiln dried firewood!

Rayzors Edge is now offering kiln dried firewood. For those who don't know, kiln dried is guaranteed to be fully seasoned(moisture content between 15% and 20%). This means you are getting more energy into creating heat instead of removing unnecessary water. 10 pieces of kiln is equal to 33 of green wood. Kiln dried is also guaranteed to be insect and mold free. You can store it indoors with the peace of mind of no infestations. When you buy bundles from the store, youre paying the equivalent of $1200-$1500 per cord!! 

Call us today for a delivery!

Tree Removal in Easton CT

Tree removal Easton CT

Tree removal Easton CT

Today we had a customer who originally called about a different tree that had split. They had not noticed this widow maker 70 feet up. The tulip tree that it broke out of needed to be removed as well. Having the correct equipment makes a job like this much easier. The limb was safely removed and tree was taken down in about 25 min. Safety and efficiency!

Getting to the top

Tree removal Fairfield CT

Tree removal Fairfield CT

To me, the top is never really attainable. I've been humbled through many different kind of experiences to understand that we should try to do our best in all things, but with the understanding that there will always be another battle, another obstacle, something that keeps us from actually reaching the top. If we did get to the top, were else would there be to go? In my line of work, the twigs at the top can't hold me anyway, so, both figuratively and literally, i would only be able to fall down. I'd say, enjoy the journey! After all, that's where everyone else is anyway. 

Father and son working in the same tree!

Today, we had an Oak tree that needed all sorts of vines removed. I set up my climbing gear while my father went into the bucket. While I was cleaning out the vines and large dead branches close to the trunk, my dad went to the hard to reach branches and did his magic.

He is the reason I have gotten into this business and have been able to get this far. My father and I work together everyday, but today was just a little different. 

Today was a day I won't forget. 


Do you work through the Winter?

Yes, we work through the winter. Just like the other times of the year, we are at the mercy of the weather. We work when it's safe enough. This means that it needs to be above freezing and no snow in the trees, unless it is an emergency. Sometimes, working in the winter is better. The ground is frozen and there are no leaves on the trees, which means less material when we are chipping the brush. Regardless of the season, call us for a free quote!

This is an example of a tree removal we did in the winter season.

Will my lawn get destroyed by your equipment or by removing the tree?

No. We use ground protection called Alturnamats (look at picture below). These "mats" are specifically designed for heavy trucks and equipment. Our equipment will NOT leave any ruts in your lawn. As far as the tree itself, there will be little to no lawn damage. We use ropes and pulleys to lower branches and wood safely.  I say little because once we get to the base of the tree trunk and we have to push pieces off, some impressions will be made from the weight. We will rake these impressions out. We pride ourselves in leaving your property in the same condition as it was before we started.