Roadside Tree Removal

When you need to remove trees and brush near roadsides, you need a company with the skills and specialized equipment to do it safely and quickly, and then get out of the way.

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We Help Make Roadways Safer

Although roadside trees in Connecticut can increase safety, such as by providing shelter and acting as traffic-calming elements, they can also become hazards that need to be removed.

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Roadside Tree Removal Services

Whether it's for Connecticut utility companies, municipalities, or the CT Department of Transportation, Rayzor's Edge Tree Service provides comprehensive tree removal and right-of-way vegetation management services. For example, we remove:

  • Dead, dying, or decayed trees or tree limbs that are likely to fall on the roadway, shoulder, median, or ramps
  • Plants that reduce sight distance at intersections and along roadways
  • Vegetation encroaching along the roadside and compromising clear zones
  • Trees and brush that are or could become dangerous fixed objects
  • Trees that shade roads in winter and prevent the sun from melting ice (to minimize the use of extra salt and deicers)
  • Vegetation that causes snow drifts on the right of way
  • Trees and undergrowth to improve the roadside appearance and open vistas to the surrounding landscape
  • Invasive tree species

Our Equipment & Capabilities

  • Grove 4100L Crane - With a 197' boom and 115-ton capacity, this crane allows us to dismantle trees that are in hard-to-access areas and up to 160' away.
  • Palfinger Grapple Saw - This knuckleboom crane is equipped with a grapple saw that can reach vertically up to 106 feet. It is run with a remote control which allows us to remove most trees without having to access the canopy.
  • Sennebogen - This machine allows us to clear land and remove trees under 70' in height at incredible speeds. It is best used for roadside clearance, land clearing, and right-of-way work.
  • Omme Spider Lift - This is a 90' lift on tracks that allows to access areas where trucks cannot go.
  • Bucket Trucks - Our bucket trucks have a 75-foot working height and are approved to work around utility lines.
  • Mini Skid Steers - These handy tools allow our amazing crews to quickly move heavy material. They can fit through 42" openings which makes them incredibly versatile.

As a local and independent company, we offer a competitive alternative to national organizations. We understand Connecticut's regulatory compliance requirements and offer flexibility to do the job in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

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Why Rayzor's Edge?

Rayzor's Edge Tree Service is a local, family-run operation founded in 2004 that invests in the community and uses cutting edge technology to run safe and efficient crews.

We employ a carefully-chosen professional staff that includes Connecticut Licensed Arborists, use specialized equipment that reduces the impact and stress on the surrounding area, and follow ISA and ANSI A300 standards for all tree care practices.

We are proud to be one of only 10 tree service companies in Connecticut accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association. 

Our tree care professionals have also earned a wide range of certifications and qualifications that they use to provide the best possible tree services.

Let's Talk

Our friendly office staff are always ready to discuss your needs, send any documentation you may need, schedule work, or set up a meeting to inspect work sites and discuss options.

Regardless of the size or scope of your job requirements, the professional tree service teams at Rayzor's Edge Tree Service provide a superior level of safety, compliance, and production.

What to Expect

The Rayzor's Edge team is intimately familiar with the roadways throughout Fairfield and New Haven Counties, from the Merritt Parkway to I-95 to the small back country roads that crisscross our beautiful state.

We carefully plan every roadside tree removal project, starting with a thorough site inspection to determine what vegetation needs to be cleared, which equipment will be needed to do the work safely and efficiently, how best to access the work site with minimal disturbance to traffic and the surrounding environment, and more.

Once the plan is agreed upon, we execute it safely and efficiently to help keep our roadway infrastructure safe for Connecticut motorists.

Get in touch today for ROW clearing and safe, efficient tree removal