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Trees play an integral role in the value and curb appeal of properties throughout the City of Milford. Protect this valuable asset by calling the arborists at Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service today for professional tree care services!

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Many Milford families turn to family-owned Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service for expert tree care, including tree removal, tree trimming, structural pruning, tree disease and insect treatments, lot clearing, and more!

We have Connecticut licensed arborists on staff and are one of only a few tree service companies in Connecticut that have earned accreditation from the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). We are also proud to have one of the state’s leading women arborists working with us!

Our team has the knowledge, experience, and careful attention to detail to help you safely manage your trees and maintain their health and vigor. Rayzor’s Edge can provide high-quality tree service in Milford, CT, no matter what your trees may need.


Why Hire Rayzor's Edge for Tree SERVICE in Milford, CT?

Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association

Tree Care Safety Professionals on staff

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

Connecticut Licensed Arborists on staff

Fully insured specifically for tree work

A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Our Milford Tree Services

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Occasional tree trimming can help to beautify your trees and allow more sunlight and airflow into the canopy. However, there may be other reasons you should trim your trees.

  • Property protection pruning. If a tree doesn’t look safe, either due to heavy branches or recently lost limbs near your home or business, consider property protection pruning. We can focus on weak points in your tree for hazard mitigation against potentially dangerous conditions.
  • Structural pruning. Our professionals can prune dead branches, large limbs, and limbs too close to structures or roadways. Our structural pruning options include selective pruning, crown reduction, and canopy pruning.

Call us at 203-258-5584 to schedule your tree pruning and trimming in Milford!

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Sometimes, tree and shrub care requires tree removal for dead and dying trees, trees with a disease or pest infestation, or potentially hazardous trees. We can perform tree removal with a crane for large trees or trees in tight or hard-to-access spaces. Ask us about lot clearing!

At Rayzor’s Edge, we offer a preliminary on-site consultation to review the trees on your property before we schedule your tree removal appointment. One of our certified arborists will be able to determine if tree preservation and professional tree management can make your tree healthier and/or safer, or whether timely tree removal is the best option.

If you need to remove a tree from your property, we offer stump grinding as an affordable add-on. Tree stumps can attract pests, pose a safety hazard, and even regrow a new tree.

Give us a call at 203-258-5584 to see how our Milford, CT tree removal service can make quick work of any trees that need to be cut down. Plus, it's always fun to watch our cranes in action!

How much does tree removal cost?

Emergency Tree Removal
& Storm Damage Cleanup

Contact us for emergency tree service. Before the storm, we offer cabling and bracing to stabilize new, weak, or damaged trees. After the storm, we assist with emergency tree removal and storm damage clean-up.

Always rely on a trained and insured tree service professional when removing storm-damaged trees. This is dangerous work and should never by a DIY job!

Tree Health management

Healthy trees are beautiful trees. As part of our Milford tree services, our state-licensed arborists offer assessments and consultations to determine if something is affecting your trees’ health. Our skilled arborists can identify problems and implement prompt treatment. With regular monitoring, we can also stop many tree problems before they even start.

Sometimes tree health management means recommending trees for removal, especially removing storm-damaged trees.

Rayzor's Edge in Milford, CT

Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service, established in 2004, knows the Milford area well. Given the often tight spaces between homes, many customers in Milford call us for tree removal with our specialized crane. We’re one of the few tree service companies that can offer tree removal with a crane that will safely lift trees over houses and place them in a log truck ready to haul away.

We love visiting Milford Harbor and the beautiful beaches in Milford on our days off. However, with a location right on the coast of Long Island Sound, Milford is subject to the effects of hurricanes, winter cyclones, and blizzards. At Rayzor’s Edge, we offer emergency tree service, cabling and bracing, and storm damage clean-up to help our neighbors in Milford.

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You can rely on the TCIA accredited experts at Rayzor’s Edge for tree preservation and management, lot clearing, large tree removal, and emergency tree service. We can handle it all, from tree and shrub care to tree pruning to hazard mitigation.

We pride ourselves on reliability in arriving on time and ready to work, consistency in delivering high-quality services, and trust that we’ll do the job right the first time without hidden fees or add-ons.

Call us today to schedule your initial consultation.

What to Expect

We’re ready to deliver what you need for tree service in Milford, CT. We’re proud to have skilled operators and the best in tree care and removal equipment, including bucket trucks, chipper trucks, skid steers, grapple saw cranes, and even a firewood processor and kiln (many people say we sell the best firewood in Connecticut!). We follow all local and state regulations, including ordinance (311-7B), the state noise ordinance.

If you look through the reviews that have been left for Rayzor's Edge online, you'll see the same points over and over again. Customers often mention that we're:

  • professional
  • punctual
  • responsive
  • efficient
  • do quality work
  • pay attention to even the smallest details

The Milford Legacy Arboretum

As tree lovers, we're always happy to see more trees incorporated into our towns and cities.

The Milford Legacy Arboretum in Milford was initiated by Milford Trees Inc., a local volunteer non-profit organization.  The Arboretum is integrated into six key areas within the downtown and governmental sections of the City, so people can enjoy the trees while going about their normal, routine workdays.

Trees in Milford, CT

In recent years, the City of Milford has given away 500 trees a year to City residents, stating that “Trees are an essential, beautiful part of our community with enormous ecological and environmental value… that everyone will enjoy for generations.”

Tree-lined Milford Green is one of the largest greens in New England. We love attending the many events on the green throughout the year from art and craft fairs to parades and the annual Milford Oyster Festival.

City of Milford Tree Resources

The purpose of the Milford Tree Commission is to protect, preserve, and ensure the proper maintenance of trees along public streets, municipal property and parks in the City and to provide for new public street trees and public park trees to be planted for the benefit of present and future generations.

Use the City of Milford Public Works Service Request Form to:

  • Request trimming or tree cutting (for trees on public land)
  • Notify the City of a downed tree

Everyone at Rayzor's Edge is professional, experienced, and dedicated to their business & customers. They are second to none that I've worked with. They are honest and always provide the best advice for my trees and their tree care.

Terry Martinsky

Milford, CT

Always professional service. Great company. Their work is always excellent.

Joanne Kondor

Milford, CT

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