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Removing a tree is not a DIY job. It requires a professional with the experience, equipment, skills and safety record to do it properly.

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Tree Removal Options



Sometimes a tree is too damaged or old to be salvaged; when it starts to threaten the safety of your home and family, it's time to remove it for your safety. We’ll do what we can to save your tree, but if you need tree removal in Fairfield or New Haven County, you can trust us to get the job done quickly and safely. 

Based on the condition of the tree, where it's located, and what's surrounding it, our tree removal experts will choose the best tree removal method for the situation.

Using A CRANE-Mounted grapple Saw

Taking down a tree with a grapple saw mounted on a crane is generally the safest and quickest way to get the job done. We often use this equipment when we need to remove a tree in tight spaces (such as between houses) and in locations where there's no safe place to drop or lower branches and tree parts as they're cut off. It's also a must-have when removing dangerous, damaged trees that cannot be climbed.

Our crane-mounted grapple saws are run remotely. In many cases, no one needs to climb into the tree at all, making it much safer - for the crew and for you. This truck-mounted equipment lessens any impact on your property and allows us to efficiently dismantle any tree within reach. Less time on your property also means we can offer our professional tree removal services for an affordable price.


Depending on the situation, we may do this with or without the assistance of a crane. In both cases, an experienced tree climber will do the work of cutting the tree into pieces that can either be gently and securely lowered to the ground or easily lifted out by the crane.

In some cases, we can even take out an entire tree at one time!


Felling involved cutting a tree off at the base and letting it fall over (with guidance from strategic cuts, rigging gear, and wedges, if needed). While this is often the easiest way to take down a tree, it requires plenty of space in which to drop the tree - something we don't have in many New Haven and Fairfield County neighborhoods. If it's a possibility, we'll let you know when we assess the tree.


What Next?

After the tree has been removed, you'll be left with a stump. We offer stump grinding as an additional service that can be included in your tree removal proposal.

Consider planting a new tree after the old one is removed. We're happy to recommend or select one that will do well on your property.

Please ask us about these services when we come to assess your tree(s) to give you an estimate.

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Check out our handy list of issues to consider.

Safety advice

Tree removal, particularly in tight spaces or near structures (such as your home), is definitely not a DIY job. It requires specialized equipment, including safety equipment, and extensive skills and training to do it efficiently, properly and safely.

Nearly every month we hear about a homeowner who has been killed trying to take down a tree. Please don't let that happen to you. Leave it to the tree removal pros!

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When it's time to take down that tree, give the Fairfield and New Haven tree removal experts at Rayzor's Edge a call. With our state-of-the-art tree removal equipment, including a grapple saw and crane, we can handle any tree that needs to be cut down. Plus, with Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals on staff, you can be sure the job will be done safely.

What to Expect

Before giving you an estimate, we'll assess your tree(s) and let you know whether there are other options besides cutting it down. We'll also determine which tree removal method will be safest and most cost-effective.

Depending on the method used, trucks and heavy equipment may need to access your property. We take great care to avoid damage to your lawn or other surfaces by placing special weight distributing mats under our equipment. Experienced safety professionals are on site to ensure staff follow the highest safety standards. And, of course, we leave your property in immaculate condition after we're done!

Why Use Rayzor's Edge for Tree Remvoal

Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association

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Ray and Rayzor's Edge did an amazing job carefully removing 4 giant trees in my backyard. They were very large and in a somewhat complicated terrain surrounding a pool and they were all removed with no issues. Ray worked quickly but with great care and his price was very fair!! And the best part is now our pool stays warm all summer with no trees blocking the sun!

Lauren Loomer Ferris

Rayzor's Edge did a great job taking down 7 trees in my backyard. Everything was done very professionally and I would absolutely go back to them to take down more trees.

Erich Jakober

How to Decide

Should Your Tree Be Removed?

Making the decision to cut down a tree is never easy - even for us (we'd rather try to save a tree than remove it). But sometimes, tree removal is the best option. Our Certified Arborists can perform a thorough inspection to determine if the tree is healthy or stable enough to be saved. You can also ask yourself the questions below to help you decide whether or not it would be best to remove your tree.

  • The tree is dead or dying

    These trees can be extremely dangerous and should be removed

  • The tree is obstructing access

    If pruning cannot clear enough space to allow easy access, then it's better to remove the tree

  • Crowding other trees

    Trees that are planted too closely will often harm neighboring trees. Removing one or two trees can open up enough space to allow for healthier ...

  • Too close to your house

    A tree that's growing too close to a structure or overhanging it can cause damage to siding, the roof and gutters.

  • Casting too much shade

    Most landscape plants, and especially lawn grasses, don't grow well in deep shade.

  • A safety hazard

    When a safety issue cannot be resolved through other means, such as cabling or corrective pruning, then removal is the only option.

Tree removal is dangerous!

Don't trust your safety to anyone other than a professional tree removal company with a certified Tree Safety Professional (CTSP) on staff.

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With over 35 years of combined experience with tree removal in Connecticut, plus ongoing training and the best equipment available, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to take down even the most dangerous trees quickly and safely.

Rayzor's Edge Tree Service crew carefully moving a cut down tree
Rayzor's Edge crane lifting a huge tree
crane lifting large piece of wood
cutting the top off a tree
Rayzor's Edge tree Service crane moving a huge tree

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