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Tired of tripping over that stump in your yard? Concerned about pests and diseases infesting it? It's time to get rid of that stump with a professional stump grinding service!

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What Should You Do With A Tree Stump?

After removing a tree on your property, you will, unfortunately, be left to deal with the remaining stump. Some people choose to leave the tree stump to rot away naturally, but most elect to have it removed. 


Because old tree stumps not only look bad, they also attract unwanted pests, spread diseases (especially if the tree was removed because it was sick), get in the way of your lawnmower, and some resprout into a new (and ugly) tree. A rotting stump can be dangerous - not to mention a major tripping hazard!


A stump grinder is a piece of equipment with a large, spinning blade on the front (like a huge circular saw). The grinder is manoeuvered into place beside the stump, and the spinning blade is lowered onto the stump and moved from side to side. As it spins, it cuts away the wood, slowly grinding the tree stump into tiny pieces. All that's left at the end is a hole in the ground.

Not sure if it's time to grind out that stump?

Check out our handy list of issues to consider.

Safety advice

While you can rent a small stump grinder yourself, it's not something to mess around with! Professional crews are specially trained to recognize and avoid the many dangers inherent in grinding a stump. Plus, the professional machines are faster, stronger and safer.

Stump grinding can send debris flying in all directions. We make sure nearby plants and structures are protected, any underground lines are avoided, and everyone is wearing the appropriate safety gear.

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Have you been putting off removing that old stump from your yard due to concerns about cost or damage to the surrounding property? You'll be surprised at just how affordable stump grinding services can be, and how low impact the process is when done by a professional stump grinding company.

It's time to take back your yard and start enjoying a beautiful lawn!

What to Expect

Our state of the art stump grinding equipment can thoroughly remove the entire stump, regardless of its size.

We typically grind a stump down about 6 inches below grade and leave the grindings for you (usually, they're raked into the hole left by the stump). However, we can haul away the stump grindings if you'd prefer.

Normally, surface and subsurface roots beyond the stump are not removed, but we can do that if desired.

We can also fill the area with premium topsoil and sow it with high-quality grass seed to ensure that where a tree once was, a beautiful lawn will take its place.

Everything about them was professional; I can't say anything more than that. I recommended them to 2 of my neighbors.

Richard Dorsch

Great people. Very professional and highly competitive prices. This is my second job.

Dr. Bradley Weinstein

Why Use Rayzor's Edge for Stump Grinding

Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association

Tree Care Safety Professionals on staff

Connecticut Licensed Arborists

Fully insured specifically for tree work

Stump grinding is dangerous!

Don't trust your safety to anyone other than a professional stump grinding company with a certified Tree Safety Professional (CTSP) on staff.

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Our portable stump grinders can go almost anywhere to reach stumps throughout your property.

How to Decide

Should You Grind The Stump?

Most people choose to remove the stump after a tree has been taken down. Not only is it an eyesore, it can also become a safety issue (particularly for young children and the elderly).

Below are some of the common reasons why our customers in Fairfield and New Haven County decide to have their tree stumps professionally removed with our stump grinding service.

  • A rotting tree stump is ugly

    There's no getting around the fact that a decaying tree stump doesn't contribute to the curb appeal of your home or enhance the view from your windows, patio or deck.

  • Stumps can send up new growth

    Some tree stumps will attempt to regrow, sending up lots of thin stems that get bigger each year. You'll often have to cut off the new growth over and over again ...

  • Rotting stumps attract fungi

    As a stump rots, all sorts of organisms move in, including harmful fungi that can spread to healthy trees and plants nearby.

  • Termites & Carpenter Ants Love Dead Tree Stumps

    Need we say more?

  • The Space is Wasted

    Unless the stump is properly removed, you can't use the space for other things, such as building a patio, putting up a play structure, improving your lawn or planting a new flower bed or vegetable garden.

  • It's a Safety Hazard

    Not only are tree stumps a tripping hazard, but they also get in the way of lawn mowers. And as they decay, they can leave sunken spots in your lawn (no one wants a twisted ankle).

looking down on a stump grinder removing a tree stump
chainsaw and wedges on a large tree stump
getting ready to remove a stump with a stump grinder
Rayzor's Edge crew cutting apart a large tree

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