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Trees play an integral role in Trumbull's natural beauty and your property's curb appeal. Protect this valuable asset by contacting your local arborists at Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service today for professional tree care services!

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Whether you live in the center of Trumbull, on the northern edge by the Tashua Recreation Area, or down by the Merritt Parkway, you can rely on the tree service experts at Rayzor’s Edge for all your tree care needs. We offer a complete range of tree services, including tree removal and crane services, pruning and trimming, lot clearing, tree health management, arborist consultations, and much more!

We're one of only a few tree service companies in Connecticut that have earned accreditation by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), and our Connecticut licensed arborists can help you plan the best tree service care for your trees.

At Rayzor’s Edge, we pride ourselves on our tree care expertise, careful attention to detail, ties to the local community, and relentless focus on safety. For the best tree service in Trumbull, CT, call the experts at Rayzor’s Edge!

Why Hire Rayzor's Edge for Your trumbull Tree Care?

Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association

Tree Care Safety Professionals on staff

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

Connecticut Licensed Arborists on staff

Fully insured specifically for tree work

Our Trumbull Tree Services

Tree trimming and Pruning

There are many reasons to consult Rayzor’s Edge for tree pruning, and several different types of pruning to consider. You may need structural pruning, property protection pruning, or beautification pruning.

  • Selective Pruning. If a tree is blocking views, pathways, or growing too close to power lines, we can use this structural pruning method to reduce the tree’s impact on its surroundings.
  • Pruning To Prevent Damage. If a tree leans too far or has heavy branches that could break and damage your home or business, we offer property protection pruning to reduce the risk.
  • Crown Reduction Pruning. For overgrown trees that are too large, we can reduce the height and spread of the branches by cutting back each branch.
  • Canopy Pruning. If you notice dead or dying branches throughout the tree, canopy pruning can allow better sunlight and airflow, reduce the weight of the canopy, and improve the structure.

Call us at 203-258-5584 today to schedule tree trimming in Trumbull!

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

We can perform even the largest tree removal, including lot clearing. Sometimes, tree trimming or cabling and bracing aren’t enough to prevent a potentially hazardous situation. In those cases, tree removal may be the best option.

At Rayzor’s Edge, one of our certified arborists will inspect your trees and recommend whether we can offer tree preservation and management or if tree removal is necessary. Let us control how a tree comes down instead of performing emergency tree removal during storm damage clean-up.

We offer tree removal with a crane for large trees that require it. Our cranes can even lift large trees over homes in cases where properties have narrow side yards.

Stumps can harbor diseases or pests that can spread to the rest of your trees. Ask our estimator to quote stump grinding as an add-on during your consultation.

Contact Rayzor's Edge at 203-258-5584 for tree removal services.

How much does tree removal cost?

Emergency Tree Service &
Removal of Storm-Damaged Trees

At the first sign of a storm, our crews are ready to roll out for preventative emergency tree service. Before a storm, we can offer cabling for hazard mitigation. After a storm, we have the training and safety equipment for quickly removing storm-damaged trees without causing further damage.

We enjoy visiting the ponds and parks in Trumbull on our days off, and we want to help make sure other Trumbull residents can safely enjoy these areas as soon as possible after a storm.

Rayzor's Edge in Trumbull, CT

Rayzor's Edge Tree Service has deep ties to the Trumbull area.

Arborist Matt Hurley grew up in Trumbull, went to Trumbull High School, and still volunteers with the Trumbull Fire Department.

As a local company, we support the Trumbull Little League, Trumbull Babe Ruth League, and Trumbull Early Childhood Education Center.

We also support the community with popular tree services, like tree pruning, emergency tree removal, and storm damage clean-up.

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Contact us to schedule your initial consultation for a wide range of services from Rayzor’s Edge. We offer tree health management, arborist consultations, hazardous tree assessments, tree and shrub care, lot clearing, tree removal, and more.

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What to Expect

We offer the best in tree removal and tree service in Trumbull. We have multiple certifications and licenses and are A+ rated with the BBB.

Our team of certified arborists and work crews consistently get high ratings in customer reviews. Customers expect high-quality results with a professional attitude and a focus on the small details. We follow all local and state regulations, including the state noise ordinance (311-7B).

Our core values are trust, reliability, and consistency. 

No matter what tree service you need, you can rely on the arborists at Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service.

Rayzor's Edge Tree service was top notch from our first meeting to the finish. They did a great job, left the yard just as good as they found it. I really couldn't tell that they were even there. Very professional and efficient. Called the day before to give me an estimated time to expect them and then followed up with me to be sure the work was completed to our satisfaction. Great job! Highly recommend!

Michele Kingsbury

Trumbull, CT

I have never seen a more professional tree removal crew. They were totally professional, extremely neat, very polite and were extremely efficient. Not one branch ever hit the ground and outside of the stump that was left behind (my choice) there was no sign that they ever were there. Not one divot in the ground or any branches left behind. Their equipment was spotless, and the crew wore uniforms. Most of all there was no yelling as they all work communications equipment in their hard hats. Talk about a well-oiled machine! I will highly recommend this company to anyone who needs damaged trees removed or trees that are close to a home removed.

Art Bradshaw

Trumbull, CT
Rayzor's Edge crew in Trumbull, CT
Rayzor's Edge crew doing tree work
Rayzor's Edge crew working in Trumbull, CT
Rayzor's Edge Tree Service truck and crew

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