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Tree Pruning Options

You may not realize that pruning is an important part of tree maintenance. Although it's not something you'd usually do every year, there are times when pruning becomes necessary for the health, appearance, and safety of your trees.

Tree structure is an important factor in the life of a tree. Young trees should be pruned to encourage strong form, while older trees need pruning to maintain it.

Below are some of the signs that it's time to prune your trees.

Tree Is Getting in the Way

  • Your tree is blocking access to buildings or obstructing cars and pedestrians
  • It’s getting in the way of your view

Solution: Selective Pruning

This involves removing undesirable branches that interfere with paths, driveways, adjacent structures, and utility wires.

The goal is to maintain a strong central trunk and natural growth habit. Reducing weight on lower branches can raise the lower tree canopy just enough to provide the necessary clearance.

If possible, it’s best to do this type of pruning before a tree reaches maturity in order to avoid large wounds.

Tree Isn't Safe

  • Your tree has some very heavy branches
  • The tree looks like it's leaning
  • Your tree has had limbs break off close to your home

SOLUTION: Pruning to Prevent Damage

This type of pruning is done to remove possible hazards or tree defects that could harm you and your property.

For example, we carefully prune to reduce the weight on long, heavy branches to reduce the risk of breakage. Leaning trees can be pruned to more evenly balance the weight. And trees with broken limbs are pruned to help them recover from the injury.

The goal is to help your trees better withstand storms, high winds, snow and ice load, and other environmental factors that could cause them to split, break, fall or otherwise fail.

Tree is Too Large

  • Your tree is too tall or too wide for the space it’s in
  • It’s encroaching on utility lines or structural elements (such as your roof)
  • You don’t want to cut down the tree

Solution: Crown Reduction Pruning

Reduction pruning reduces or shortens branches and reduces the overall height size and/or spread of the tree.

This isn't "shearing" or “topping” a tree - it's precision work that cuts each branch at just the right spot to help maintain the overall form, health and structural integrity of the tree.

Tree is Unhealthy

  • You can see dead, dying, diseased, crowded, or spindly branches throughout the tree

Solution: Canopy Pruning

Canopy pruning is done as part of regular tree maintenance. It involves the removal of all branches that aren’t contributing to the overall health and appearance of the tree.

We remove dead, dying, and poorly placed branches. The end result is a healthier and happier tree that enhances the appearance of your property.

Safety advice

While you can prune shrubs, and even some smaller trees, around your property with little more than a hand pruner, lopper or pruning saw, anything you can't reach from the ground should be left to experienced tree care professionals who have the equipment to do it safely.

Please do not attempt to climb into a large tree using a ladder! It's not only dangerous (ladders are prone to slip, tip or slide) but can also damage the tree.

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Tree pruning is not only an aesthetic necessity but also necessary to promote healthy growth throughout the tree. Removing dead, diseased, or broken limbs can reduce the risk of the tree succumbing to more damage either from disease or from high falling branches. 

Don't think pruning can only be done in the growing season; winter in Connecticut is a great time to prune trees! Learn why here >>

What to Expect

Many trees can be pruned year-round, although some should only be pruned when dormant (usually, this is in the winter). 

For larger pruning or trimming jobs we may bring in heavy equipment, such as our crane, to make it easier and more efficient to reach all the branches.

Cut branches will be dropped or lowered to the ground (depending on size). Before we leave, we'll carefully clean up any cut branches or debris.

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Rayzor's Edge is a reliable, honest company. They have the most impressive equipment to get the job done efficiently. Friendly, professional crew. Will use them in the future for sure and recommend to anyone that needs tree service.

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Tree work is dangerous!

Don't trust your safety to anyone other than a professional tree work company with a certified Tree Safety Professional (CTSP) on staff.

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With over 35 years of combined experience with tree pruning in Connecticut, plus ongoing training and the best equipment available, we have the skills, knowledge, and experience to prune even the most dangerous trees quickly and safely.

Tree Pruning & Trimming FAQs

There is no difference; pruning and trimming describe the same tree care service. Many property owners are more familiar with the term “trimming,” while most tree care professionals use the word “pruning.”

Young trees don’t need to be pruned for the first two to three years after planting (in most cases). After that, trees should be pruned every two to three years. Mature trees benefit from pruning every three to five years.

If a tree is damaged, growing in an odd shape, or blocking access, it may need to be pruned sooner rather than later. Contact us to schedule a tree inspection.

In most cases, you will be able to tell. Check for:

  • Unnatural shapes
  • Broken branches
  • Sections of the tree hitting your roof or other structure
  • Access or view being blocked
  • Hanging branches
  • Safety hazards

There are also preventative reasons for pruning a tree, such as making it less likely to break from high winds or storms.

The taller a tree grows, the harder it can be to spot issues near the top of the tree’s canopy. At Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service, we have the equipment to view and reach even the tallest trees.

Incorrect pruning cuts can harm a tree, leading to pest infestations, unnatural growing patterns, and stressed trees.

Most trees cannot be reached from the ground, which increases the likelihood of injury from a fall. Additionally, most tree pruning equipment can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Rayzor’s Edge has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to prune your trees safely and efficiently.

No. However, we prefer to meet with you before starting work to ensure everyone is on the same page about what is being pruned and what the expectations are.

If you already met with Rayzor’s Edge team and are not able to be present, we can proceed with the work.

Pruning provides many benefits for your tree, your property, and for the neighborhood overall. When done correctly, pruning helps guide your tree as it grows, promoting a healthy branch structure.

Learn why pruning is important to prevent codominant stems >>

Pruning can also improve your home’s value (a well-maintained landscape can increase a house’s property value) and is a form of regular maintenance that can improve the health of your trees.

Most likely, yes.

During your tree consultation, we will be assessing how to reach your trees, what equipment and crew will be needed, where the tree is located, its size, and more. 

In most cases, we are able to prune (or remove) almost any tree. This in-person inspection, however, will give us a good idea of what is possible. 

Yes! Many of our tree care services, including pruning, are available year-round.

Dormant pruning, or pruning when trees are not actively growing, is beneficial for most trees. The lack of leaves on deciduous trees also helps us see any issues with the branches and tree structure.

Learn more about the benefits of winter tree pruning here

Rayzor's Edge tree Service crew member raking branches after pruning
Rayzor's Edge Tree Service bucket truck lifting arborist into a tree
Rayzor's Edge Tree Service crew member watching another arborist climbing a tree
Rayzor's Edge Tree Service crew clearing pruned branches

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