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Trees play an integral role in your property’s landscape and curb appeal. Protect this valuable asset by contacting our team at Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service today for professional tree care services!

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Stratford, CT, is one of those hometowns where everyone is your neighbor. Our town has abundant natural beauty, including plenty of stunning tree species that provide a fantastic backdrop for the community’s rich history. If you have trees on your property, you’ll appreciate the help of our experienced tree service team to ensure that your trees remain healthy and beautiful.

A local, family-owned Fairfield County business, Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service offers exceptional tree care services to Stratford residents. Our small but mighty team of dependable tree care professionals is proud to call this area our home. We are also proud to have one of the state’s leading women arborists working with us! Rayzor’s Edge is the go-to team to handle many of Stratford’s tree care needs, and we would like to do the same for you.

At Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service, our services vary from basic tree assessments to highly-technical tree removals. Our CT Licensed Arborists and other tree care professionals dedicate themselves to honoring our company’s core values at all times: trust, reliability, and consistency. That is why we offer a wide range of quality services to match all of our customer’s tree care and maintenance needs.

Why Hire Rayzor's Edge for Your Stratford Tree Care?

Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association

Tree Care Safety Professionals on staff

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

Connecticut Licensed Arborists on staff

Fully insured specifically for tree work

Rayzor's Edge is the Town's Tree Contractor

Our Stratford Tree Services

Tree Pruning

Many trees on residential and commercial properties throughout Stratford require tree pruning at some point. Pruning is an essential aspect of tree maintenance. Although the service may not be necessary every year, situations arise in which both the tree and your property would benefit from tree pruning, such as:

  • Protection against pest infestation or disease
  • Encouragement of healthy tree growth
  • Elimination of branches that interfere with the development of other parts of the tree

Tree pruning can undoubtedly improve a tree’s aesthetics, but this tree care service in Stratford, CT, is more for the plant’s health than its beauty. The pruning process requires particular skill because it involves strategically removing branches to help the tree achieve healthy growth.

At Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service, our team has years of experience carefully pruning trees. We offer several pruning solutions to accommodate issues like dead or damaged branches, unbalanced trees, and plant growth that infringes on other elements, such as your roof or utility lines.

Call us today at 203-258-5584 for tree pruning in Stratford!

Tree Trimming

If you want to improve the appearance of your trees and shrubs to enhance your property’s curb appeal, our team can assist with that as well. Through our Rayzor’s Edge tree trimming service, we can carefully shape trees and shrubbery to enhance their beauty. We have the tools and tree care expertise to remove unwanted or uneven growth to improve the plant’s appearance and health.

Tree Removal

Trees with too much damage or problems due to age may need removal. Not only is a dead, dying, or diseased tree unsightly, but it can also pose a danger to your home, family, or business if it falls.

Reach out to our tree care experts at Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service for your tree removal needs. Our team is known for our quick, efficient, and safe removals of even the most dangerous trees.

Give us a call at 203-258-5584 to see how our Stratford tree removal service can make quick work of any trees that need to be cut down. Plus, it's always fun to watch our cranes in action!

How much does tree removal cost?

Rayzor's Edge in Stratford, CT

Since its inception, Rayzor's Edge has been an integral part of the Stratford community. Not only is our business based in Stratford (at 335 Sniffens Lane), but our founder grew up here (graduating from Stratford High) and many of our team members live in Stratford.

We actively participate in many community activities, such as coordinating Arbor Day plantings with the town of Stratford in local parks (in 2021, we donated trees and worked with the Town's Public Works Department to help beautify Juliette Low Park), and sponsoring and attending local events like the annual Touch-A-Truck event, Housatonic River Cleanup, and Celebrate Stratford.

Check out what's coming up on the Stratford Community Calendar - we'll probably see you at some of the events!

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From tree spraying to stump grinding, there is nothing that our team at Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service can’t do, which is why we are proud to be the best tree service in Stratford, CT.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for having superior quality work, keen attention to detail, and devotion to customer satisfaction.

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What to Expect

You've probably seen our trucks and cranes on job sites as you drive around Stratford. We're well-known for our ability to quickly and safely remove and dispose of even the largest and most hazardous trees. But we do much more than that!

If you look through the reviews that have been left for Rayzor's Edge online, you'll see the same points over and over again. Customers often mention that we're:

  • professional
  • punctual
  • responsive
  • efficient
  • do quality work
  • pay attention to even the smallest details

I can't recommend them highly enough. Their number one goal is customer satisfaction. They go above and beyond to give excellent service. When they come to give you a quote, you not only get an honest and fair assessment of your needs, they also educate you on how to properly care for your trees. You can tell this is not just their business, it's their passion. I had a complicated job at my house and they were incredibly patient and determined to make sure I was completely satisfied with the final product. Stratford is so lucky to have such a reputable and community-oriented company.

Jennifer Cummings

Stratford, CT

If you want to be assured of a good tree service, a service that will be on time, who will do what they promised to do, who call you when they expect to be late, then, you need to work with Rayzor's Edge. They are not the cheapest, but they are the best.

Patricia Ritchie

Stratford, CT
Rayzor's Edge tree Service crew member raking branches after pruning
Rayzor's Edge Tree Service bucket truck lifting arborist into a tree
Rayzor's Edge Tree Service crew member watching another arborist climbing a tree
Rayzor's Edge Tree Service crew clearing pruned branches

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