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Fully-dried, clean-burning firewood delivered straight to your home and neatly stacked. There's nothing else as good as kiln dried firewood!

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Why Kiln-Dried Firewood Is Better

Are you wondering whether kiln-dried firewood is really better than traditionally seasoned firewood?

Have you heard that it's just a Connecticut fad that will soon pass?

Concerned that it's not worth the premium price?


Kiln drying is an expensive process, so most companies choose to split whatever wood they can get, toss it in a pile, and let it "season" for up to a year.

Standard firewood sits outside in the elements (almost always in a dirt area in someone's yard) for an entire year before it's even remotely ready to be sold and burned. You've seen the piles before - they're never turned or moved around so only the outer most layer is being dried, while the inside of the firewood pile is dark, wet, and a perfect habitat for mold and insects.

On top of that, you have no real way of knowing exactly how long that wood has actually been seasoning for. Whether it's only one month or 5 years, it looks exactly the same.

So when you buy "seasoned" firewood that's still wet, smokes when you try to light it, and gives off a musty smell, you can bet that it hasn't been fully dried, no matter what you're told.


We invested in the equipment necessary to produce premium, kiln-dried firewood because it's such a clear winner when compared to traditionally seasoned wood.

The moisture content of kiln-dried wood is less than 20%. In contrast, green wood that is air dried and delivered to your home can contain 60% or more moisture!

Because of the lower moisture content, kiln-dried firewood burns cleaner, hotter and more efficiently than standard firewood. That equates to using less wood to put out the same amount of heat.

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The Kiln Drying Process

Our kiln-dried firewood is split directly into our kiln's cages so it never touches the ground or sits in the elements for months on end. No rain, no mold, and especially no bugs!

The kiln is heated to over 250F for 2 to 3 days while being constantly monitored for moisture content. Large fans circulate the air, ensuring each and every piece is dried to the right moisture level.

From there it's put into our delivery trucks and delivered the same day. You, in turn, receive quality, kiln-dried firewood that won't leave a trail of dirt and debris behind every time you start a fire.

Country Kiln Firewood

Country Kiln Firewood is the firewood division of Rayzor's Edge Tree Service and is Connecticut's top source for kiln dried firewood. We deliver to all of Connecticut, including but not limited to, Fairfield County, New Haven County, Middlesex County, New London County, Litchfield County, Hartford County, Tolland County, and Windham County.

Our 100% hardwood kiln-dried firewood is processed using our own wood. You will receive hand-selected firewood that is guaranteed to be free from rot and unsatisfactory pieces. Plus, we'll stack it for you when we deliver it!

Burning Kiln-Dried Firewood

Due to the lowered moisture content of kiln-dried firewood, there is far less smoke and no spitting and popping from the logs. With less smoke being created, you can breathe easier while enjoying a wonderful evening by the fire.

As an added benefit, kiln-dried firewood is cleaner burning so there are fewer byproducts being created that stick to the chimney walls and disperse through your home.

Very responsive and friendly office. If you purchase any of their kiln dried firewood it is awesome. The best burning wood I've ever seen.

John M