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Trees play an integral role in your property’s landscape and curb appeal. Protect this valuable asset by contacting our team at Rayzor’s Edge Tree Service today for professional tree care services!

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Proud home of two Rockefeller Center Christmas trees, Shelton is a heavily wooded town that often turns to our tree services at Rayzor’s Edge. We are one of only ten Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) accredited tree service companies in the state.

At Rayzor's Edge, our core values are trust, reliability, and consistency. We focus on tree care and safety, hazardous tree removal with no negative impact on properties, and diagnosis and treatment of diseases and pests. Contact the expert tree service in Shelton, CT, no matter what your trees need.

We perform several tree removal services, including large tree removal, dead tree removal, and tree removal with a crane. We also offer storm damage clean-up, tree preservation and management, and full-service lot clearing.

Why Hire Rayzor's Edge for Your Shelton Tree Care?

Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association

Tree Care Safety Professionals on staff

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

Connecticut Licensed Arborists on staff

Fully insured specifically for tree work

Our Shelton Tree Services

Tree trimming and Pruning

Tree pruning and trimming are essential for tree and shrub care on your property. Whether you need your trees trimmed before winter snows cause ice and snow buildup on large limbs or careful pruning of ornamental trees on your property, we’re here to help.

There are some fairly common reasons to need tree trimming or pruning for trees on your property, including trees blocking access to driveways or sidewalks, the tree being too large, the limbs being too heavy, and as standard tree and shrub care. We offer several types of tree trimming solutions, including:

  • Selective Pruning. Let us shape your young trees’ growth patterns to prevent issues with crowding, overgrowth, and growing over roadways or disturbing sidewalks.
  • Pruning to Prevent Damage. This form of property protection pruning can help us remove large or unwieldy limbs that could break during a storm and cause damage to your home or other homes nearby.
  • Crown Reduction Pruning. We offer structural pruning methods for large trees to cut back each limb to reduce the canopy spread and shorten the height.
  • Canopy Pruning. Let us beautify your trees and thin the canopy to allow additional light and airflow through the branches to the canopy’s interior.

Call us today at 203-258-5584 for tree pruning in Shelton!

Tree removal and stump grinding

Tree removal and stump grinding are often last-resort measures for hazard mitigation. Our tree service in Shelton, CT, specializes in dangerous tree removal, lot clearing, and large tree removal, especially any requiring tree removal with a crane. Our expert arborists will inspect the trees on your property before recommending tree removal.

We may recommend tree removal for a few reasons, including:

  • A tree is dead or dying and could break and cause damage or injuries.
  • A tree has a disease or pest infestation and may require removal before spreading the issue to other nearby trees.
  • A tree is too large and grows near a building, power lines, or other structures.
  • Multiple trees are growing close together and require thinning to reduce resource competition.

We offer stump grinding as an add-on service to tree removal. We recommend stump grinding, as leftover stumps can develop disease or pest infestations that can spread to other trees on your property. Stumps can also regrow new trees and pose a safety risk for tripping or damaging your lawnmower.

Call us at 203-258-5584 to schedule your initial inspection with our state-certified arborist for large or dead tree removal and stump grinding.

How much does tree removal cost?

emergency Tree service & removal
of storm-damaged trees

We’re proud to assist our neighbors with emergency tree service before a storm with cabling and bracing for young, weak, or large trees or limbs. Call us at Rayzor’s Edge for safe, professional storm damage clean-up, emergency tree removal, and tree removal with a crane.

Removing storm-damaged trees is never a DIY job. Fallen or damaged trees can be dangerous, with a tendency to roll when people attempt to remove them from fences or homes. Let a TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professional manage the project with the appropriate training, equipment, and help from experienced staff.

Rayzor's Edge in Shelton, CT

At Rayzor’s Edge, we’re happy to serve the community of Shelton as our next-door neighbors to our main office in Stratford. Our families often visit Shelton on our days off to visit the area’s best restaurants.

We know Shelton's regulations for tree removal and tree trimming, including requests to the tree warden and other municipal departments. If your tree removal estimate is over $2,500, you may qualify for $500 off your tree service.

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No matter what tree service you need, including hazardous tree removal, lot clearing, tree trimming, or emergency tree service, we’re here for you at Rayzor’s Edge.

We base our practices on our core trust, reliability, and consistency values. Know that you're getting the best tree service in Shelton, CT.

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What to Expect

We stand by our services that have helped us maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. We have all licenses and certifications, including the highly sought-after accreditation through the TCIA. We also follow all state and local regulations, including ordinance (311-7B) and the state noise ordinance.

When you look at our online reviews, you'll see a pattern. Our customers agree. At Rayzor's Edge, we offer:

  • High-quality tree services.
  • Punctuality and professionalism.
  • Efficiency in doing the job right the first time and keeping properties clean.
  • Attention to the smallest details.

Absolute pros. I was totally in awe watching the men do their job as were all my neighbors who took the the time to watch.

Mary Ann Burr

Shelton, CT

The guys were fantastic and did an excellent job. The tree was in a very precarious position but was cut and removed with expertise. I thought the Army was coming up our street when I saw all the equipment they showed up with, I guess it pays to be prepared and ready for any kind of job. We have bought their Kiln Dried Firewood as well as used their tree services and could not be happier. Their Arborist Cassandra is the best. 

Martin Goldschmidt

Shelton, CT
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