Dangerous Job But Someone Has To Do It

According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, loggers/tree work was named one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation last year. It is a dangerous job for obvious reasons, but there are additional hazards like hidden limbs and broken tops of trees that can’t be seen. Poorly maintained equipment can cause unexpected accidents as can outdoor elements and other variables.

Putting it simply, ONLY HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!

When it comes to hiring someone to complete tree work on your property, the lowest price isn’t always going to mean you’ll get the safest and cleanest job. If you are trying to choose a tree company for service at your home or business, you should consider the company’s safety gear, their level of experience, whether they have proper working insurance and their work history/reputation.

Rayzor’s Edge Tree Removal performs even the most challenging tree removals throughout Connecticut with safety as our first priority. We serve residential and commercial clients in Fairfield and New Haven Counties with professionalism and quality.