Why Mature Trees are More Valuable Than Young Ones

We know it’s important to plant new trees and guide them to maturity with pruning, trimming, fertilization, and proper care. What many homeowners may not know is that maintaining your mature trees is even more important than planting new ones.

Mature trees provide a mix of financial and ecological benefits. As long as they’re maintained by professional tree care experts, you can enjoy these benefits and everything else mature trees offer.

Here’s our breakdown of the specific value mature trees provide, and why young trees struggle to match that value until they reach maturity.

Key Takeaways

  • Mature trees increase your property value and curb appeal.
  • Your mature trees capture a staggering amount of carbon each year compared to young trees.
  • Greater lot and home cooling capabilities than young trees.
  • Mature trees prevent many cases of soil erosion that young trees can’t help with at the same scale.

Property Value of Mature Trees

When someone buys a home, the focus is normally on the house and the lot size. You might be surprised to find out trees play a big role in assessing property value.

This is true in our own backyard, right here in Connecticut, and across the country: trees increase your home’s property value.

A residential home in connecticut with mature trees and young trees around the property.

Improved Home and Yard Privacy

Mature trees help cover your yard in shade, and provide better privacy, both visually and audibly. Trees help absorb a lot of noise, so when the neighbors are loud, your mature trees cut out a lot of the sound.

Young trees don’t provide enough coverage to provide you with more privacy, and they don’t have enough foliage to deflect noise all too well. You can use multiple young trees to make a hedge for your property, which we can help you with, but it’s still not the level of privacy mature trees offer.

Increased Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is best described as an invisible scale that gauges how attractive your home is. Normally, it’s brought up when and if you decide to sell your home.

Greater curb appeal leads to increased interest in your home, and gets more offers from serious buyers. Besides, who doesn’t want a beautiful looking home with a lush tree canopy?

While young trees look nice, they don’t offer the same appeal and utility as mature trees. After all, trees literally make you feel better, both physically and mentally.

Higher Property Value

While the exact percentages vary depending on the type of tree and how much of your property it casts in shade, you can see as much as a 6% to 9% rise in property value if you have mature trees on your Connecticut property.

Ecological Value of Mature Trees vs. Young Trees

We know what mature trees can do for your wallet. Now let’s take a look at their ecological benefits. These positively impact your home, family, and stretch beyond your property lines to make your community a better place as well.

Mature Trees Capture More Carbon Than Young Trees

Mature trees remove the equivalent CO2 produced by a car that’s driven 26,000 miles. While young trees do their part to remove CO2 from the air, it’s on a much smaller scale than what mature trees can do.

Your mature trees continually clean the air on and around your property,

Mature trees provide shade and protect plants underneath it.

Wider Shade Coverage to Protect Your Plants

Mature trees provide more shade than young trees. That isn’t exactly a surprise, but it has a greater impact than you think. Having adequate shade on your property helps prevent your grass and plants from enduring damage and stress from constant high heat exposure.

Your mature trees can also help keep your home cooler. Planting a mature tree on the side of your home means you can save up to 12% on your home’s cooling costs.

While young trees help provide shade, their impact isn’t sizeable enough to help with your home’s cooling costs for years. These savings are present benefits you can enjoy long after your tree reaches maturity.

Mature Trees Prevent Soil Erosion

Tree don’t just improve air quality. They also improve the quality of water in your soil. Mature trees have far-spreading roots that help capture sediment and debris in the ground. This prevents sediment and debris from entering water runoff from your property.

While young trees help absorb some contaminants in subsurface water, they don’t have the same impact that mature trees do.

Rayzor tree crew pruning a tree

We’ll Help You Maintain Your Mature Trees

Mature trees improve your property value in more ways than one. It’s important to keep your trees properly trimmed and pruned to stimulate new growth and keep your trees healthy.

Your mature trees require professional trimming. With our experience, knowledge, and equipment, our team will maintain your mature tree so you can continue to enjoy its benefits. Contact us today to get started.

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