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Trees cannot survive on water alone - they need the right nutrients and soil conditions to thrive.

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Healthy Trees Begin With Healthy Soil

The acidic soils in the Fairfield and New Haven County area are typically deficient in several important nutrients, are often lacking in organic matter, and are frequently compacted.

All of these cause tree problems that lead to increased vulnerability to pests, diseases and environmental stressors, and even tree death.

What Do Your Trees Need?

Root Zone Excavation

We often find that the soil around trees (and throughout the urban or suburban landscape) is highly compacted. Other typical issues include girdling roots and root rot, both of which are made worse by over mulching and can kill a tree.

Using a special tool called an "airspade", we can excavate the root zone around the tree without disturbing or damaging the roots. This allows us to examine and correct any underground problems affecting tree health.

Soil Testing

The levels and types of nutrients in the soil vary significantly across Fairfield and New Haven County. Even neighboring properties can have very different soil profiles. By running a soil test first, we're able to customize the mix of fertilizers and amendments added to your soil so that it best meets your trees' needs.

Deep Root Fertilizing

Plants, including trees, in urban and suburban areas throughout Connecticut often need supplemental fertilization and the addition of specific soil amendments to keep them strong and healthy.

By applying the right types of fertilizer and soil amendments (including compost) at the right time and in the right quantity, we can optimize the growth, appearance, and vigor of your trees.

Unlike general fertilizing, deep root fertilization uses special equipment to "inject" fertilizer (or other substances - ask us for details) directly into the soil where the tree's roots can more easily access and absorb it.

Tree Growth Regulators

If you have an old, stressed or sickly looking tree, treatment with a tree growth regulator can be helpful. This tree health-enhancing treatment can be applied to deciduous trees throughout your landscape.

This product, applied through an "injection" directly into the tree, reduces the tree's growth rate for up to three years. As a result, the tree uses less energy producing new growth - energy that can then be used to improve the tree's health.

Trees treated with growth regulators:

  • develop more fibrous roots,
  • have thicker and darker green leaves,
  • are more tolerant of water stress,
  • have better defenses against disease and pests,
  • are less susceptible to stressors in general, and
  • tend to stabilize if they've been in decline.

Your Property is Unique

Every property has a unique blend of plants, hardscape, soil, surrounding structures, sun exposure, moisture requirements, and more. You may have a vision for what you want it to look like or how you want to use it.

We take all of that into consideration when creating a customized tree health plan for your property. Your property is unique - and so are the treatments, preventive programs and monitoring schedules we develop for you.

Schedule an Assessment Today

Regardless of the time of year, it's never too late (or too early!) to schedule a property assessment. Trees can experience stresses, damage, and pest or disease problems throughout the year so it's wise to get on top of any issues now, rather than waiting.

What to Expect

We'll conduct a thorough inspection of your property to assess your trees, growing conditions, environmental issues, and anything else that could affect the health of your landscape trees.

We'll then let you know what we found and recommend a plan to keep your trees as strong and healthy as possible.

There's no obligation to purchase after a property assessment and we'll never pressure you to sign up for any services. It's your property - and your decision.

Rayzor’s Edge has completed multiple jobs for me over many years. They have always been professional and courteous, with attention to detail and concern for the customer’s satisfaction. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Lin Elmo

I have a beautiful 230 year-old, 40 or 50-foot maple tree right in front of my house, and Rayzor's Edge did a fantastic job helping me keep it healthy. Cassandra did the root treatment and gave me great advice about all the trees on the property. Chase did an amazing job up in the branches, trimming, pruning, cabling and bracing - 15 years of experience certainly shows. And Sal did a great job on the ground. I'm so happy to have found a service with licensed arborists dedicated to keeping the trees healthy.

Rebecca Wayland

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